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The Light Weight Rav-Mag Rubber Broom is made of a single cast natural rubber and is particularly suitable for sweeping under and close to furniture. It is 42 cm wide with slanted side bristles enabling perfect cleaning along walls.

In addition, the Light Weight Rav-Mag Rubber Broom is useful for cleaning carpets. The unique rubber creates static electricity that glues the lint, hair and other weightless dirt to the broom. These weightless materials cannot be cleaned with vacuum cleaner.

The soft rubber material will never hurt expensive and delicate furniture. At the same time, it will clean effectively rough walk ways in the garden just as well as smooth room floors.

The Rav-Mag Broom can be easily washed after use and is always clean and appealing to the eye. It never wears out or loses its original shape and properties

payment is also available via credit card.