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Flexible Floor Squeegee – 30 CM Solid 100% Silicone


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  • ADJUSTABLE KNUCKLE JOINT: You’ll have all the flexibility you need to squeegee floor and window surfaces that are hard to reach.
  • REMARKABLE QUALITY: Our squeegee uses single cast 100% silicone, unlike the flimsy rubber strips on regular squeegees that easily fall off, creating industrial floor squeegee durability.
  • FAST DRYING ACTION: All other floor squeegees are no match for our 30CM wide-angle blade that quickly dries without spotting.
  • MULTI-SURFACE DESIGN: Our floor scrubber squeegee is perfect whether you’re looking for a wood, tile, marble, glass, concrete or garage floor squeegee.
  • ABSOLUTE COMFORT: You’ll love the lightweight build complemented by a  long stick floor squeegee handle that eliminates painful bending. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!




Hey, you know that spot around your toilet that is notoriously hard to dry? Every time you try to reach it with a
mop or regular squeegee it mocks you with its tricky curves and corners? Well, it just met its match! RavMag
has designed this handy floor squeegee with an adjustable joint, allowing you to lock it in place for sturdiness,
or unlock it to dry those hard-to-reach areas with total ease.

What a Breeze!

Oh, this bad boy takes the whole concept of chores, tears it up, and redefines it with nothing but total simplicity!
Thanks to the 12-inch wide angle blade, you’ll get your surfaces spotlessly clean in record time. And this isn’t
one of those regular blades with rubber strips that quickly wear off or fall out; no siree! We’re talking about one
made with a solid piece of 100% silicone that offers nothing but durability.

– Lightweight build that makes using it a walk in the park.

– Long handle that allows you to reach high windows.

– Single cast 100% silicone construction that guarantees unwavering service.

– Wide angle blade that makes for lightning-quick drying.

– Adjustable knuckle joint that helps you to reach tricky spots.

Whether you’re detailing your car, cleaning the garage, or getting the bathroom spick and span, count on 
our squeegee for an experience that is the epitome of effortlessness.