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Flxible Squeegee 100 % silicone


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  • ADJUSTABLE KNUCKLE JOINT: You’ll have all the flexibility you need to squeegee floor and window surfaces that are hard to reach.
  • REMARKABLE QUALITY: Uses single cast natural rubber, unlike the flimsy rubber strips on regular squeegees that easily fall off, creating industrial floor squeegee durability.
  • FAST DRYING ACTION: All other floor squeegees are no match for our 45 CM wide-angle blade that quickly dries without spotting.
  • MULTI-SURFACE DESIGN: Our floor scrubber squeegee is perfect whether you’re looking for a wood, tile, marble, glass, concrete or garage floor squeegee.
  • ABSOLUTE COMFORT: You’ll love the lightweight build complemented by long floor squeegee handle that eliminates painful bending.



This 17”/45cm squeegee has a flexible joint, which provides the best angle of the blade onto the floor, no matter the position of the handle.

Without this flexible joint, the angle of the squeegee against the floor may be too sharp if the user is too far away, and too wide if the user is too close.

Thanks to the flexible joint, however, the angle is always optimal.

The squeegee is attached to the handle with an adjustable knuckle joint, which let the handle tilt so you can clean underneath furniture or behind toilets.