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The High Window Cleaner


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  • LEAVE YOUR SURFACES SPOTLESS: The Tyroler 2-in-1 window washing tool is fitted with a microfiber cloth on one side for effectively scrubbing out dirt, and a window cleaner squeegee on the opposite side for quick drying surfaces without leaving unsightly streaks or fine scratches.
  • NO MORE UNCOMFORTABLE WASHING: You’ll never have to twist and bend your arms to clean angled windows again. Simply pivot the head of the window cleaning equipment through 180 degrees, fasten it in the ideal position using the adjustable knob and clean away.
  • SAFELY REACH HIGH WINDOWS: The long handle of this telescopic window washer can extend from 97 to 160 CM, allowing you to clean high windows without dangerously balancing on a step ladder or stool. The pole is sturdy but lightweight to make for easy control.
  • CLEANS ALL GLASS SURFACES: You can use the telescoping window washer both indoors and outdoors to clean glass surfaces. It’s great for shower doors, windows, mirrors, and any car or RV windshield. The long hand squeegee also perfectly cleans tiled surfaces.
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE QUALITY: Tyroler uses a removable high-quality microfiber cloth attached by velcro for easy maintenance, top-grade rubber for the squeegee, and durable plastic for the handle, creating a window cleaning kit to last you through countless washes.Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!



Looking for a way to get your windows looking spotless at half the hassle? Then RavMag’s window cleaning tool is just what you
need! This window washer features a microfiber cloth on one side that perfectly removes built-up grime and dirt without scratching
your surfaces, and a rubber squeegee on the other for quick drying without leaving unsightly streaks. So throw away those
crumpled newspapers and enjoy a shiny finish at half the time and half the effort!

We’ve combined our years of experience in cleaning supplies to create a window washing tool that is a breeze to use! Thanks to the
adjustable knob that lets the cleaning head swivel through 180 degrees, you won’t have to uncomfortably bend your arms to reach
tricky surfaces. Simply match the angle of the head to the window and wash away in ease. The telescopic handle also extends from
3 to 5 feet, allowing you to safely reach high windows without taking out that scary step ladder or dangerously balancing on a stool.

– 2-in-1 functionality for quick and efficient cleaning.

– High-quality materials that don’t scratch or streak windows.

– Adjustable head that allows you to clean angled surfaces.

– Telescoping handle to safely reach high windows.

-Removable and washable microfiber cloth attached by velcro.

Whether you’re cleaning your home windows or working that windscreen, count on RavMag’s window wand for spot-free results 
without all the headache.

  •  4 natural rubber squeegees, which will never wear out.
  •  2 Microfiber cloths for wiping off possible residual water streaks.
  •  6 foot string with ring to avoid possible fall out of the external part.
  •  4 powerful rare earth magnets, which will never fade out.
If you have energy-efficient, double-paned windows up to 28mm, or 1.1 -inch, thick, you need the Glider D-3. The D-3 looks and acts the same as the S-1 window cleaner. The difference lies in the magnets. The D-3 has stronger magnetic force than the S-1 so it can handle thicker glass.Like the other Glider models in this review, it has rubber squeegee blades on all four sides. It comes with two microfiber cloths that last for up to 300 washes. The manufacturer recommends using the cloths first to scrub very dirty windows before using the rubber blades. You can also use the cloths for a finishing touch to remove extra cleaning fluid from edges and polish the glass.The squeegee blades are made from high quality rubber created to last for years of service. The magnets themselves will never wear out and don’t use any batteries or electricity to operate. But since they are so strong, Tyroler recommends using the plastic spacer to store the two halves of the Glider separated from each other.