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The Kitchen Countertop Squeegee


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  • Heavy-Duty Squeegee: Made from one piece of single cast 100% silicone, this countertop squeegee does not wear out, tear, or lose its original shape like regular counter squeegees. Enjoy durability tough enough to last you through years of heavy use.
  • Streak-Free Drying: The high-quality blade on our squeegee window cleaner leaves surfaces spotless without any streaking or scratching. And unlike other cleaning tools that require a lot of force, this squeegee gets the job done with a fraction of the effort.
  • Enjoy The Versatility: With its 24cm blade and 17cm height, this works as a great countertop squeegee for kitchen surfaces, shower door squeegee, car window squeegee for a spotless windshield, and a handy squeegee for windows around your home.
  • Comfortable To Use: Gripped handle makes the window washer squeegee easy to use even with wet hands while the ergonomic angle takes the pressure off your wrist for strain-free cleaning. We’ve also designed the silicone squeegee with a hanging eye for simple storage.
  • BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: Treat your wallet to a deserved break with the best-priced counter squeegee on the market. Clean windows and dry countertop surfaces quicker and easier all without having anything to lose. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now for a must-have addition to any cleaning arsenal!

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For over two decades, we have been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative home cleaning tools of highest quality that make life easier. As a customer oriented company, we use only high quality and all natural materials that make our products durable, maintenance free and pleasant to use.

Kitchen wiper


Lasts for Years

No more dealing with regular window wipers that wear out in no time. While most squeegees on the market feature a thin silicone strip for a blade, ours is designed using the highest quality single cast 100% silicone. This one-piece construction keeps wear and tear at bay and retains the shape of the blade to ensure functionality is never compromised. And we’ve deeply discounted our counter squeegee to treat you to impressive quality complemented by unmatched value for money. Clean windows and dry surfaces without having anything to lose!