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Magic Dust Pan


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  • LEAVES NO DUST BEHIND: The Magic Dustpan is made using a single piece of RUBBER, allowing it to hug tightly to the floor leaving no gaps for dirt to escape.
  • ONE-SWEEP CLEAN: The lip of this rubber dustpan with handle finishes thinner than the point of a needle, ensuring no dirt lines form when using a broom with dustpan.
  • LONG HANDLED DUST PAN: Measuring out at 93 CM, the dustpan long handle eliminates tedious bending allowing you to work comfortably without back pain.
  • ACCOMMODATES MOST BROOMS: This lobby dustpan has a wide body to work with most kinds of brooms and stands upright to make sweeping even easier.
  • LASTS FOR YEARS: Being the only dustpan made using a single piece of natural rubber; it offers unmatched durability that easily surpasses that of plastic dust pans.





Are you tired of dustpans that never seem to work? You keep sweeping and sweeping but there is a dust line
that stubbornly refuses to clean away? Well, this dust pan by Ravmag is sure to brush away that frustration!
Built using a single piece of rubber, it hugs the floor perfectly leaving no gaps for dirt to escape through unlike
ordinary plastic ones. Its lip is also thinner than the tip of a needle so that even the tiniest particles of dirt get
swept away. That’s right, no more annoying dust lines!

This is the last dust pan you’ll ever need to buy! Made using a solid piece of natural rubber, the only one with
this ultra-durable construction, you’ll never have to worry about the inconveniences of plastic. That means no
breaking mere days after buying it. No cracking even with the kids getting to their usual cheekiness. No losing
shape rendering it useless. Brace yourself for years and years of unwavering service!

– Leaves no gaps for dirt to slip through.

– Needle-thin lip collects even the tiniest particles.

– 40-inch /90-cm long handle eliminates painful bending during sweeping.

– Features a wide body to accommodate most brooms.

– Stands upright making it easy to use.

Whether you’re sweeping your hardwood, tiled or linoleum floors, count on Ravmag’s dustpan to make 
cleaning as effortless as it gets.