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The Rav-Mag Rubber Broom


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  • Heavy duty household broom with extremely soft bristles made from natural rubber; Requires little maintenance for short and long-term use
  • Durably designed multifunction rubber broom with Long Handle, and built-in Squeegee
  • Durable and Fully Washable rubber broom with detachable broom head and scratch-free flexible bristles that won’t lose shape
  • Sucks up dust, pet hair and removes other low weight dirt from everywhere including vinyl, hardwood, carpet, cement and tile surfaces; Dust & hair never gets trapped or absorbed to the broom
  • Best Value 2 in 1 indoor and outdoor cleaning home maintenance tool; It’s a 100% TPR rubber broom on one side and a squeegee on the other side that is suitable for cleaning any delicate surface in or outside your home.



The Ravmag rubber broom is a revolutionary broom made of single cast natural rubber, featuring unique cleaning qualities

Ravmag’s rubber broom will get your floors cleaner than ever with less time and less effort to do it. It provides you with 2 effective cleaning tools in one user-friendly design and features heavy-duty extra-long stick for hard-to-reach areas. It can be used outdoors to clean your deck, patio and indoors to clean your tiles and hardwood floors. It’s rubber bristles will clean sand, pet fur, hair and fine particles from your carpet and floors. The squeegee is nice for drying floors, cleaning spills or doing windows.  The #1 tool for hair salons, pet grooms, professional cleaners and housekeepers.

The soft natural rubber bristles are suitable for cleaning any delicate surface in the home, they will never scratch furniture. They are tough enough to clean effectively rough walkways outdoors without wear or loss of shape. It is also an excellent wet scrubber, because it is made of one piece of natural rubber. It’s rubber broom one side and a squeegee on the other side. While scrubbing with water any floor, just flip it over and remove excess water with its internal squeegee.

More than just for hard flooring, the rubber broom acts as a carpet rake for sweeping area rugs, runners, carpeted stairs and more. The rubber design interlocks it’s bristles to form a solid wall that even tiny pieces of dirt can’t slip through.  It not only picks up lose dirt, it is able to pull amazing amounts of hair and fur that that the vacuum cleaner leaves behind like pet hair, human hair, sewing threads and so on. By using short strokes, you build up a static charge that not only lifts dirt and hair out of the carpet, but it keeps it from flying through the air  as well.

  • Removes hair 
  • Dirt 
  • Debris
  • Dust
  • Versatile

Clean your tiles, hardwood, deck, patio and even carpeting with ease. This multipurpose broom serves as a broom, floor brush, and squeegee. The included squeegee on the back side is nice for dying floors, cleaning spills or doing windows. Can be used with soap and water for scrubbing floors, washing boats, RV’s and vehicles or cleaning hard to reach window.

  • Hardwood floors 
  • Carpets
  • Outdoor & indoor use

When comparing this broom with any other similar item, you will find it to be easier to use, more study and longer lasting.  It features a 12’’ sweeping head this is a solid piece of natural molded rubber. This makes it nearly indestructible, incredibly long lasting and suited for cleaning any type of hard floor. No type of dirt is hard to sweep when you use this broom. It features a hanging hook as well.   Please note: you will need to push and twist while inserting the stick until it reaches the upper indentation.

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