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The Rav-Magav Squeegees 60-cm


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  • PROVIDES YEARS OF SERVICE: Tyroler’s heavy duty squeegee features a rubber blade made using one solid piece of natural rubber, which offers far greater durability than regular floor squeegees with jointed blades that are always at risk of falling off.
  • QUICK DRYING ACTION: With the blade measuring an extra-wide 60 CM, this big wiper squeegee dries a huge area with every pull, allowing you to finish the work much faster. The high quality rubber blade also prevents spotting, saving you the hassle of additional drying using towels or mops.
  • NO MORE PAINFUL BENDING: We’ve equipped this large squeegee with a long handle, which eliminates tedious bending while drying floors. The floor squeegee handle also allows you to safely reach high windows without the need for stools or step ladders.
  • DRIES NUMEROUS SURFACES: This industrial quality rubber squeegee effectively dries both plain and curved surfaces. You can use it to dry concrete or tiled garage and bathroom floors, kitchen surfaces, windows, windowpanes, car windshields, glass shower doors, or a pool deck.
  • EASY TO USE: You don’t need to use excessive effort to dry your floors and surfaces. Simply apply some light pressure to the water squeegee to get the job done. It also comes with a hanging hole at the handle’s end to make for convenient storage.




Looking for a squeegee that is durable enough to last for years? One that won’t fall off after mere days of use? Then RavMag has
got you covered! We’ve designed the rubber blade using a solid piece of single-cast natural rubber, which doesn’t easily fall apart
like the blades of regular floor squeegees. So you’ll enjoy commercial-grade quality to effectively dry those tough concrete garage
floors, slippery tiled bathroom surfaces, and even your home’s and car’s windows.

We’ve fitted this rubber squeegee with convenient features to make cleaning less of a chore! The blade measures out at an extra-wide
24 inches/60-cm, allowing you to dry a large area with every single pull. And thanks to the high-quality rubber blade, you won’t have to take
out a mop or towel to additionally dry the surface; the squeegee is all you need. It also comes with a long handle to prevent
painful bending when drying floors and help you safely reach those high windows without needing to take out the ladder.

– Solid single cast rubber construction to ensure maximum durability.

– Extra-wide 24”/60-cm blade for quick and effective drying action.

– Lightweight long handle to prevent bending and reach high surfaces.

– Dries both curved and flat concrete, tile, glass, marble and wood surfaces.

– Features a hanging hole to make for easy storage.

Whether you’re cleaning the garage floor, clearing a puddle, or washing the windows, count on RavMag’s long squeegee with 
handle for a mix of functionality and comfort