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Replacement Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – Pack of 2 Pc


  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING: Connect the blue cloth to the “Glider Window Cleaner”. Let the extra soft cloth produce a dazzling shine on your mirrors and Windows.
  • NON-ABRASIVE PROPERTIES: Enjoy lint-free cleaning and polishing that leaves surfaces scratch-free. The special non-abrasive properties leave a swipe effect that protects your windows.
  • FRIENDLY TO GLASS WINDOWS: Welcome microfiber cleaning cloths and watch them leave a stunning shine and transparency as your windows look like new. No chemical additives or liquid soap needed.
  • TIME EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE: Let our microfiber cloths save you time by eliminating the strain caused by heavy lifting, and twisting. And also get rid of the many time-consuming tasks associated with wringing out cleaning rags, squeezing mops and repeatedly emptying buckets.


Get rid of stubborn dirt and grime
The blue microfiber cloth functions as a scrubbing absorbent that moistens as it soaks water; effectively removing out dirt. The squeegee acts as a height enforcer to enable you to reach difficult located window. The cleaning cloth is a pack of 2 replacements replaceable for your squeegee. The microfiber cleaning cloths are fashioned with a unique design that incorporates best cleaning techniques and are constructed to clean surfaces while avoiding chemical detergents.;  A powerful absorbent, it sucks in 8 times its weight in water and can dry in half the time you dry hand towels and dusters, face washcloths and kitchen dish cloths.      This specially formulated microfiber cloth can be washed with water and liquid soap and re-used hundreds of times, allowing you to save money.

Attach the blue microfiber cloth onto the “Glider Windows cleaner”

Get a sterling cleaning power performance when you attach the microfiber cloth to the “Glider Window Cleaner”.; Wipe and wash your windows with extendable ease. Even fun. Window cleaning can be a delightful chore when done with the right tools. Microfiber cloths will quickly reach every cranny, crevice, and nook for a superior wash.

This is what makes our Microfiber Cleaning Cloths stand out:

– When you use our microfibers, you preserve the interior finish. Our quality products do not scratch any surfaces.

– Increases your cleanliness and hygiene.

– They reduce chemical usage and are environmentally friendly.

– Washable microfiber that is effective and efficient for any homeowner.

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