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The Rav-Mag Rubber Broom is a revolutionary broom made of single cast natural rubber, featuring unique cleaning qualities. The friction of the soft rubber bristles with the hard floor builds static charge in the bristles and sucks up all the floor dust, hair, fluff and other low weight dirt.

The soft natural rubber bristles are suitable for cleaning any delicate surface in the home, they will never scratch furniture. They are tough enough to clean effectively rough walkways outdoors without wear or loss of shape.

The Rav-Mag broom is an excellent wet scrubber, because it is made of one piece of natural rubber. It’s a rubber broom on one side and a squeegee on the other side. While scrubbing with water any floor, just flip it over and remove excess water with its internal squeegee.

The Rav-Mag is the perfect solution for cleaning carpets. The unique rubber creates static electricity that glues lint, hair and other ‘weightless’ dirt to the Rav-Mag broom, enabling fast and easy carpet cleaning, it even works better than a vacuum cleaner!

After use, it can be washes easily and dries quickly, and looks beautifully clean and like new.

Rav-Mag is produced and marketed by Tyroler since 1987.
It never wears out or changes its shape and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

payment is also available via credit card.