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The Rav-Magav squeegees are a comprehensive line of squeegees designed for different applications. All Rav-Mag squeegees have the same revolutionary construction, as they are made of a single cast natural rubber and featuring unique advantages. This unique construction is protected by a registered patent.

The Rav-Magav completely wipes water away, so perfectly that floors do not require drying off.

Rigid Structure – Rav-Magav never wears out and maintains its perfect water wiping qualities for many years. It is sold with a 2 year guarantee and it does not require replacement of a rubber strip..

Easy to Use – unlike any other product, with the Rav-Magav dry floors are obtained with effortless use. Without wielding force or pressure maximum wiping performance is achieved.

Rav-Magav 46 Squeegee

Rav-Magav 46 Squeegee is the original and most popular squeegee with a 46 cm wide blade. The squeegee is extremely durable and provides superior wiping performance for many years. No force or pressure is required to perfectly wipe and completely dry floors. Rav-Magav creates very low friction with the floor and consequently its own weight is sufficient to obtain clean dry floor with one effortless sweep.

payment is also available via credit card.